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Counselling, Group Facilitation, Parent Mentoring

We are here to provide kindness, compassion & understanding at the most difficult times in your journey through life. We work with clients to develop skills & strategies to support their mental well-being. 


Struggles are part of life. Sometimes these are managable & sometimes we need that little bit of extra support. Find out how Begin Again can help if life's difficulties have become overwhelming.

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Individual Counselling

One to one humanistic-integrative counselling. Using a variety of methods, tailored to your needs, you will receive support & care in a non-judgemental relationship with your counsellor. Inner resources as well as external supports will be developed. 

Parent Mentoring

Becoming a parent is a very special time in a person's life. Parents soon learn that their children don't come with handbooks! In order to maintain positive yet effective relationships with our children sometimes some external help is required. Parent mentoring involves strategies that are tailored to you and your family. Learn more about assertive parenting, positive discipline & encouragement. 

Personal Development Courses

Courses including; Grief, Assertiveness, Encouragement, Resilience, Parenting, Parenting for children who require extra support/minding. 


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