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Laura Dennehy- Counsellor, Trainer, Parenting Mentor

I began my training in Limerick Institute of Technology, on the Advanced Certificate in Adlerian Psychology and Counselling Skills. This, along with my degree in Sociology from U.C.C.,  started a passion for learning more about human behaviour and personal development. I completed my Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy with Cork Counselling Services Training Institute. I spent a year at the end of my training working in the counselling department in the University of Limerick before starting to see clients in Inform Psychological Services, Clonmel, where I work from currently also. I continue my C.P.D. on a life-long basisas there is always more to learn, with trainers including Bessel Van der Kolk and Deb Dana.

I love my work. It is heartbreaking, frustrating, exhausting and tough. It is also exciting, humbling and energising. It is an honour to sit with clients while they explore some of the most painful parts of their lives. It's an honour to laugh together, cry together, heal together.

My clients are the experts on their own lives. I am the person who has the training to support, guide and be with them on their journey. Using an integrative approach that encompasses existentialism, C.B.T., positive psychology and much more, my aim is to give my all to each client and their unique pathway through life.

If you think we could work well together please give me a call and we can chat and take it from there. 

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