Common Queries

Is counselling for me?

Counselling is for everyone, no matter what age or what is going on in your life. It is a support, seperate to family and friends, which provides a confidential, non-judgemental space for you to work through what you are finding difficult at that time. Sessions are guided by you and you will not be forced into anything. This is a space to clear your head, let your feelings out and find a way forward to a healthier, more content you.

What is parent mentoring?

These are confidential sessions for parents only. If you are having difficulties with your child's behaviour and/or your reaction to it then these sessions can help. An outside perspective,, some new strategies and some encouragement can set you back on the path of enjoying time with your children again. It's a difficult job but there is help available.

Will I have to talk about my childhood all the time in counselling?

No is the short answer! The focus of the sessions is up to you. However, a lot of our behaviour as an adult is formed by the experiences and relationships we had in childhood. If you are comfortable to do so, some exploration of these can be really helpful to improve your current relationships and leave you feeling more understood overall. There is no pressure to do this. Speak to your counsellor about it.




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